The Rebul Crate has an international multi-award winning patented design for transport protection, with thousands of satisfied customers around the world. Our Crates are made with a honeycomb board structure, providing a simple, convenient and affordable solution for anything valuable needing high strength protection in transit. Our experience and focus on the unique nature of each valuable item means you get attention to detail and consistent, high quality crate designs for each object.

Rebul Crates are popular because they are affordable for one way use, yet entirely reusable.

With 10 years of experience and continued growth, the Rebul Crate has proven itself in terms of strength, durability, simplicity and protection for valuable goods being transported interstate and overseas. This is why it is used extensively for transport protection through the Arts, Removals and Manufacturing industry sectors.

Rebul Crates are made:

  • to any strength and durability
  • for any order quantities
  • for any object dimension
  • for any object weight
  • delivered to your door, when you need it.