An antique lamp of high value, was destined for the auction houses of New York. Separate crates for the stand and lamp shade was obvious, both for airfreight cost savings and better all round protection.

The glass lamp shade was incredibly delicate, requiring a suspended foam base, to protect against the instance of dropping or rough transit. The difficulty with the stand was, in lying it down, how to protect the very fragile globe housing and preventing any pressure on this. Also, to ensure no movement within the crate and even pressure across the stand, supporting the 110kg base. With our experience of designing crates for arts and antiques over many years, for this design to be done, all we needed was a picture of the item and a few key measurements, which took 5 minutes in discussing with the freight forwarder over the phone. Based on these measurement, we designed the crate  with our 3D software, quickly had it constructed to the exact specs and delivered next day with the necessary wrapping materials and supports for easy packing.

Both crates were air freighted into New York in perfect condition for the elated collectors, awaiting the valuation and sale. If you have anything valuable that requires crating, we can assist to any degree you need. Whether it be through a standard crate, or internal design for additional support and protection, we can assist you with the most dependable and convenient crate solutions. Contact us with the details of your shipment.