For crating, all motorcycles should be strapped & secured to the base of the crate. It is recommended to only use ratchet straps. Why? Because ropes slip and loosen, significantly replying on the skills of the person tying. A nuclear proof crate won’t prevent a motorcycle from falling over inside if it isn’t tied properly. We can and often do supply ratchets with our crates to encourage this to be done by the packers. If dimensions for the motorbike are unknown, here are some common/average dimensions to assist:

Sports bike (L x W x H): 2200 x 850 x 1200mm

Cruiser (L x W x H): 2450 x 950 x 1300mm

Of course motorcycles can be smaller and larger than these dimensions, these are just the common average sizes. So if, for example, your motorcycle is a cruiser and considered large, then potentially increase each of these dimensions.

Vespa’s and similar motorised bikes can be ratchet secured to the base as well. This is wise. Although, because they are not as heavy, they can often be well padded and soft packed inside the crate to prevent them from moving. Accurate dimensions are helpful to ensure the crate supports the bike properly. Generally speaking a safe size for a Vespa/Scooter would be 1850 x 800 x 1300mm.

Why Rebul Motorcycle Crates best for protecting motorcycles being transported overseas:

  1. Ease of packing. 360 degree access to properly and importantly ‘evenly’ secure the motorcycle to the base. Once this is done, THEN the walls of the crate are built around the motorcycle in 1-2 minutes. Crate complete.
  2. Strength: Designed to protect the motorbike from goods being packed on top of the crate. This high load bearing crate, ensures the necessary protection
  3. No fumigation of the crate required for export
  4. Flat packable and reusable crate
  5. Light weight panels make the crate easy to pack by 1 person, without the need for any tools at all

If you would like some help with crating a motorcycle, we have the experience and most simple, strong and dependable crates for the international transport of your motorcycle, please contact us.