There are basically two types of pool table slate available – one piece and three piece. Billiard tables are usually 3 piece slate. The main reason for this is that building one piece slate tables require a much stronger framework to support the slate, and this costs a lot more money in time and materials. The best example of a one piece slate pool table is the coin operated pool tables found around Australia, and these are the most common.

3 piece slate tables have a few major problems for removals. Once a 3 piece slate table is set up, it cannot be moved or even picked up without the chance that the seams between the slate will separate. If this happens it is a very expensive problem. Therefore, if you ever want to move it, the table has to be completely broken down. This means that the cloth has to be taken off the slate so they can remove the slate screws that hold the individual slates in place. This breakdown, move and re-set can really only be done by a professional billiard mechanic. Sometimes the existing bed cloth can’t be saved and has to be replaced as well.

Because one piece slate tables have no seams you avoid this problem. Therefore the task of crating the pool table is much quicker, easier and cheaper. Since the slate doesn’t have to be removed, the entire table top if usually crated (excluding legs of course). This means the total thickness will usually be around 200-250mm before being wrapped and crated.

Pool / Billiard table sizes are as follows, with the 6 – 9 foot pool tables usually having the slate as one piece (and are the most common sizes):

  • 6 foot pool table: 6ft x 3ft: 1828 x 914mm
  • 7 foot pool table: 7ft x 3ft and 6 inches: 2133 x 1067mm
  • 8 foot pool table: 8ft x 4 ft: 2438 x 1219mm
  • 9 foot pool table: 9ft x 4.6 inches: 2743 x 1371mm
  • 10 foot pool table: 10ft x 5ft: 3048 x 1524mm: Can often be in 3 pieces.
  • 12 foot pool table: 12ft x 6ft: 2657 x 1828mm: Snooker / Billiard table, usually split up into 3 pieces of slate for crating into 3 separate crates (because of the enormous weight). The slate is usually only about 20mm thick, and never to our knowledge thicker than 25mm.

Read a case study on marble top crates and pool table crates. If you would like some help with crating a pool table or billiard table, we have the experience and most simple, strong and dependable crates for your relocation. Please contact us.