Artwork is unique and therefore the best art transport crating solution must be customisable for individual strength and dimension requirements. In making your custom made art crates we also take into consideration the easiest packing and handling and the most affordable protection for you. Depending on where in the world the artworks may be going and the length of reuse required, the custom nature of our crates ensures we can tailor the crate to suit the situation.

Our art crates are made to be as strong, and lightweight as possible, exempt from fumigation restrictions, and robust and durable.

Art Transport for Sculptures
Art Transport for Paintings

We work with artists, galleries and museums around Australia, supplying custom crates and protective packaging for their precious cargo. So we have extensive experience managing artworks in the following categories:

  • Art Export Crate: 2D artworks (paintings, mixed media, photographs, etc.)
    Sculpture crates: 3D artworks (sculptures)
    Antiques and collectibles crates:

Each of these crates can be purpose designed from our range of box & crate options. We can assist with the necessary art wrapping materials provided with the crate, or built into your crate. This then gives the flexibility for Rebul to assist with your specialty packing or to make it simple enough for you to do yourself.

Art Transport for Exhibitions
Art Transport for Multiple Artworks

For over 12 years, Rebul continues to collaborate with the major art associations so significantly support the health and success of the art industry and art transport: