We have 10 years’ experience in making crates for art export. Regardless of whether its going by air or sea, the type of item being packed, the access required at delivery, and reusability needs, we tailor your crate design to suit your needs. Making the whole process simple and seamless, ensuring safe delivery.

Just let us know whether you need an export crate for one way export, or perhaps temporary export and then re-import back into Australia. Whether it is for sea freight or air freight, one way or multiple reuses, we will make the strength and durability of your export crate suitable for best protection.

Painting Crate

The Rebul Painting Crate is high strength, light weight made with robust materials, ideal for the protection of artworks being airfreight exported.

  • Better protection:  Compared to plywood crates, the Rebul Crate has far greater strength in the long side face, which means that if something falls into the crate in transit (which is what the crate is for), the Rebul Crate face does not bend nearly as much as plywood, thus better protecting the painting from any pressure being exerted onto it.
  • More artworks in LESS crates: Because of the light weight crate, you are also able to pack more artworks into fewer crates, greatly reducing your crating cost. At the same time, their light weight means easier carrying, which always translates to reduced risk of rough handling and dropping and reduced need for forklift use through transit (the biggest risk of damage to artworks).
  • Painting Crates are quickly delivered to any artist, gallery or museum anywhere in Australia.
  • We will help determine the most cost effective and practical crate design for consolidation of your artworks to minimise crating and transport cost.

Painting Crates can be made for bubble wrapped works, can be foam lined, or artworks even hung or suspended within the crates as travelling frames. See some of the internal packing protection that can be provided.

3D Artwork or Sculpture Crates

These often require more detailed information provided, with sketches, pictures or the physical artwork itself. Once we have any of these, we can help determine how the artwork can be braced most suitably, protecting the most delicate aspects from any pressure.

All crates are made according to purpose, and design will vary depending on whether just for one way or return regional or international transit, or as crating for travelling exhibitions.

We can assist with the crate creation, packing the artwork, and recommend some of the best freight carriers, removals companies and freight forwarders that we work closely with, to ensure you get your valuable artworks delivered safely.

Sculpture Crate