We have been supplying artists, galleries and museums with painting crates and assisting with art freight for over 10 years. Our painting crate designs are based on many years of research, testing, development and training in some of the most renowned international art institutions. With access to the latest technology and materials, we are able to get the best strength performance yet still ensure the crates are light and durable. Along with many other things, the crate design will depend on the makeup of the artwork, how it is hung and framed, as well as how it needs to be packed and where it is travelling to. Hence our diverse but specialised offering of painting crate designs for artists, galleries and museums.

Rebul Painting Crates are easily delivered anywhere in Australia, and are ideal for exporting artworks.  As specialists in art freight, will work with you to help find the most simple and cost effective way to ensure the necessary protection of your artworks.

For more information on art crates and painting crates, see the work we do with artists, galleries and museums and crating for travelling exhibitions.