International moving depots in Australia use the Rebul Crate more than any other crate. They trust our crates because we have proven time and time again to greatly reduce the risk of damage through relocation.

  • High loading strength = designed for being loaded on top of in order to maximise container usage
  • High bending strength = meaning that they hold their structure better than other crates, in the event of loads shifting into the crate
  • Lighter crating = greatly reduced risk of dropping with heavy, hard to carry crates. Also less need to push crates thus preventing damage to carpets, tiles and floorboards.
  • More shock absorptive crating = less cracking of delicate items
  • Less abrasive crating = less scratching or wearing of sensitive surfaces.
  • Rounded corners = less puncturing or damage to your other goods in the container
  • No fumigation = no risk of non compliant timber, and your goods held at customs

The Rebul Crate has safely relocated thousands of families and their precious valuables overseas in the last 10 years. Experience proves it is the most simple, practical and affordable way to ensure the best crate protection for valuable household possessions being relocated.

Removalists around Australia know they can also depend on our crates and service to deliver the most simple and affordable protection for the most valuable of items, such as:

  • Paintings, mirrors, glass and marble tops: See Art Crates
  • Sculptures, fish tanks, china cabinets, antiques, grandfather clocks, TV’s (LCD, plasma, rear projection): See Antique Crates and Electronics Crates
  • Pianos, billiard tables, motorbikes, quad bikes and cars: See Large Crates

We draw on our experience of our diverse client base in manufacturing industries, art galleries and museums to find the most cost effective protection for the world’s most valuable objects being transported interstate or overseas.