Marble tops, slate tops, pool table tops, all need to be handled and crated in a similar way. Some of the most common ways that slate / marble can be damaged in carrying, packing, transit and unpacking:

1. Shock.

These materials, being naturally very very heavy, complicate the move, often requiring more packers just to carry the slate (let alone the slate in the crate). So why make the job even harder by using a wood crate weighing 100kg+ when you can use a Rebul Crate weighing about 20kg instead. You need less people, or it will just be much easier for the people you have, GREATLY reducing the risk of dropping or rough handling. Despite the best intentions of the packers, slate and marble can have slight flaws or pre existing cracks in them, leaving it vulnerable to any increased difficulty in packing or carrying. One reason why we rarely recommend consolidating marble tops, they put unwelcome pressure on each other, if not wrapped well or measured properly can cause significant shock to each other. But it definitely can be done with accurate measurement provision and sufficient wrapping. 

During transport you could have the slate top sitting on a wooden crate base. But if shock is a huge risk to slate tops, then surely having a reinforced honeycomb base will ensure better shock protection? Of course it will. This intentional design allows for bumps in transit, rather than just paying out unfortunate claims if they happen, Rebul Crates anticipates them. If you have ever heard of a marble top arriving at its destination in a crate broken, without any signs of crate problems, shock is why. So reduce the risk with a Rebul Crate. We think of these things so you don’t have to worry about them.

2. Bending.

How can slate bend? Well, like any material, if lifted, carried or even TILTED slightly flat, will put greater pressure through the slate. Combining this with many hundreds of kilograms, makes for trouble. Therefore slate / marble should always be carried and transported on its side and kept as perfectly vertical at all times. All the crates we make for these materials have specific ‘this way up arrows’ for transport and allow for flexibility in packing from any side of the crate. This way the slate top is not compromised in orientation, to suit the crate design. The crate design suits the slate top, ensuring its best protection through the entire process.

One of the biggest suggestions I hear from packers around the country is how much they would appreciate it having handles on crates for large, heavy, cumbersome objects. They have a tough job, and it is one way we can make it a lot easier for them. For the sake of $15, ask for handles for any items being crated that are large, heavy and valuable, your packers and clients will thank you for it.