Full polyethelene foam sheets or foam packing blocks can be supplied with the crate itself or separately in bulk, taken out on each pack, to help protect valuable items better.

Foam packing blocks: The packer will simply remove the yellow film and press the block onto the inside of the crate, where the contact point with the object is going to be. This method enables pressure to be placed exactly where you want it (not where you don’t). These help give all the flexibility needed to get the best packing result for the most complicated of antiques and artworks.

The foam can be adhered doubled /tripled etc. onto itself, so you achieve the size / depth of foam support desired. Even better, is that with a simple Stanley knife, the packer can cut / stencil into the foam the perfect contour to best disperse pressure or cushion the surface of the item it is there to protect.

Foam packing blocks are useful in two instances in particular:

1. As a protective packaging alternative to bubble wrapping, a process which can involve two people, taking up valuable time and use costly materials in many metres of bubble wrap. This is particularly true with large items like tables, cabinets etc. The foam is a non abrasive polyethylene foam, so it will not damage the surface it is in contact with.

2. As a easier way to protect odd shaped sculptures, model ships, vases etc. With items such as these, it is important for pressure to be only against the strong part of the item, and for no pressure to be against the delicate part.

Available in full sheets of 2000 x 1000 x 20mm or strips of 2000 x 100mm, which can be cut down to size as desired. Essentially out of 1 strip, you will get 20 packing blocks of 100 x 100mm, which can be used.

Please contact us if you are interested in foam sheets or self adhesive foam strips for packing.