Hybrid crates can be a combination of materials such as corflute, corrugated board and honeycomb board. They are a cost effective, lighter solution, which still provide a high level of strength and durability. If a wooden case or crate is outside your budget, more than you require or the weight provides unnecessary complication to your logistics and handling, contact us about one of our other solutions: either a hybrid or Rebul Crate.

Our hybrid crates provide a combination of different components from our product range, enabling us to provide our customers with the optimal packaging for their needs.

Rebul Box – A flat packable crate design, that is simple, strong and only needs to be strapped to secure. This box design serves as an ideal transport strength and protection alternative to timber or wood crates, and as these additional benefits:

  • Incredibly strong and robust – stackable to over 1 tonne in weight
  • A fraction of the weight of wood crate
  • Quick and easy packing
  • Much more environmental alternative, using recycled materials and 100% recyclable
  • Easily reusable
  • Saves storage space before and after use being flat packable
  • Greater wall bending strength compared to wood crates
  • Greater shock absorption compared to wood crates
  • Manufactured and delivered quickly and cost effectively Australia wide

The loading strength of these crates can be made to many tonnes, so strength is not an issue. It really is in many ways a better option compared to plywood crates. Contact us if you have your dimensions and quantities of boxes or crates you are looking to need.

If the strapping of the crate is an inconvenience for you and you need something even more simple without the need for any tools, our Rebul Crate is the solution.


Frame Crate – An excellent single-material alternative to wooden, plastic and metal frames as well as a substitute for heavy boxes. Creating cost-effective custom-made packaging by combining innovative, strong and 100% recyclable components.


High strength custom cardboard box – We specialise in low run custom cardboard boxes of any dimensions, made with the highest strength corrugated materials, with internal design and internal fit out if required. Cardboard boxes may be a suitable option if a crate is more transport protection than you require, or where your valuable goods are being transported with a specialist carrier.

Cardboard box styles availableHalf Slotted Carton, Regular Slotted Carton, Full Flap Slotted Carton, Telescoping box and lid set, Sleeve and Cap Carton