If you are looking for the best protection for a delicate, valuable artwork, furniture or machinery being transported interstate or overseas, this is what we do. Depending on the size, nature and value of the item, we have a range of custom box and crating options.

We have 10 years’ experience of making custom crates for export overseas. Depending on the mode of transport, item being packed, access required, and reusability, we will tailor your crate design to make everything simple and ensure dependable delivery.

Whether your export crate will be sent sea freight or air freight, one way, re-imported back into Australia or multiple reuses, we will make the strength and durability suitable for best protection.

Custom Cardboard Boxes >

Custom cardboard boxes with high strength corrugated board, in standard form or with internal foam lining, partitions, carry handles etc.

Hybrid Crates >

Frame Crates are an excellent single-material alternative to wooden, plastic and metal frames as well as a substitute for heavy boxes.

Wood Crates >

Custom crates to suit multiple or single uses, interstate or export crates. All our crates are made to be export compliant with ISPM15 regulations, and made to the required strengths and durability.

The Rebul Crate >

Endearingly coined a cardboard crate because of its appearance. But it is not made of cardboard, but a much stronger honeycomb board material, making it as strong as wood in its stacking strength, yet stronger in its wall / bending strength. The fact it looks like a cardboard box is a big benefit, because experience has shown that transporters treat cardboard boxes better than wood crates. And poor handling is your greatest risk of damage through transport.

Honeycomb Pallets >

Our Honeycomb Cardboard Pallet is an excellent environmentally-friendly alternative for wood, plastic or other pallets for many reasons. This unique product provides unbeatable strength and humidity resistance which cannot be found in other paper based pallets.